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North Lincolnshire Museum Scunthorpe

With plenty for the kids and a new archaeology gallery, the North Lincolnshire Museum Schunthorpe has a lot to offer! The interactive Go Wild section allows children to get hands on with things like animals, fossils and birds. But there are also interactive elements available relating to the exhibitions at the time being shown at North Lincolnshire Museum Schunthorpe.. They always try to incorporate things to help keep the Children happy, often involving materials for dressing up, art projects and games. The organised Artyfact sessions run weekends and bank holidays and the children always produce something to take home with them.

Great Day Out for All the Family

Families are also welcome to the free, drop in Museum Mayhem holiday activity sessions too! Plus free Under 5s’ drop in sessions take place every Friday afternoon during term time. There are also a variety of fun family trails provided around the museum too, where children who can complete the clues will be awarded with a cool sticker! A word of warning about the People’s War exhibit: there are convincing war time sound affects which nervous types may find worrying at North Lincolnshire Museum Scunthorpe you can step back in time through our interactive hands on galleries. Learn more about the areas amazing objects and history. Some of the galleries include: Jurassic Sea, Steel Town, Iron Stone Cottage, Local History in Scunthorpe, People’s War, Post War and Archaeology. North Lincolnshire Scunthorpe has a rich heritage that is reflected in the size and quality of the archaeological collections. All periods of the past are represented, from the Palaeolithic to the modern day. The collection includes archives from major excavations and field projects as well as a number of large metal detected collections and stray finds. The geology collection includes rocks and minerals and a large collection of fossils, mainly from the local area and including fossils from the Frodingham ironstone. The biology collection includes mounted specimens, insects, shells and herbarium sheets. The local history collection features objects, photographs and ephemera telling the story of North Lincolnshire Scunthorpe and it’s people from the post-medieval period to the modern day. The regionally important photographic archive can be viewed online as the North Lincolnshire image archive.

The Decorative Arts collection

The Decorative Arts collection includes male and female costume and accessories, decorative homeware, including furniture and soft furnishings, and works of art. Items from the collection can be seen on display at Normanby Hall. The costume collection is displayed through changing exhibitions in the costume galleries at Normanby Hall and Brigg Heritage Centre, and in the exhibitions and changing case at North Lincolnshire Museum Scunthorpe.North Lincolnshire Museum Scunthorpe is a regional partner in the national Portable Antiquities Scheme. This is a voluntary scheme for archaeological objects found by members of the public. Many of these are found by metal detector users but others are chanced upon by people while at work, gardening or out walking. Archaeology is a limited resource. It is important to record these finds and their locations before the information is lost. North Lincolnshire Museum has a large collection of real and replica handling objects. They have put together a selection of themed boxes that can be used by care homes and community groups for use in reminiscence sessions. North Lincolnshire Museum Scunthorpe offer a wide range of souvenirs and pocket money gifts to complement our galleries and changing exhibitions programme. They also have many local history publications and childrens books available.North Lincolnshire Museum Scunthorpe is open Monday to Saturday: 10am to 4pm Sunday: 1pm to 4pm. North Lincolnshire Museum Scunthorpe is a two minute walk from Scunthorpe train station and a five minute walk from Scunthopre town centre.

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